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4/8/13 Gardens are cleaned and plowed and waiting on some dry weather to till


Everything burned in the heat


 I have the ground plowed and some tilled. The tomatoes have been ordered just waiting on warmer weather


It is April 15 and I have tomatoes in the ground. Planted Okra, Beans, cucumbers and beets today too. Looks like all the apples bloomed and cherries.


Today is Aug 14 We picked tomatoes today and have them for $1.00 per lb. I have a few green peppers too for 2 for $1.00 but email me and I will pick them fresh for you!

Here it is May 5 2009 and I have 50 tomatoes in the ground. I will get another 200 Friday and peppers too. The ground is damp but I will mud these in if I have too.


We are picking black berries and a shot some pictures of these.


Tomatoes are planted and coming up. I have a few green ones. This last week we got finally got the sweet corn planted and green beans and okra. Today is June 25 2008.




We Now have tomatoes! Okra if ordered before you get here! Woodland & 103rd terrace follow the sign!

Today is Tuesday May 22 2007. I have been planting tomatoes and peppers today. Corn , green beans, Okra, Sunflowers and cannas. I have some tomatoes that are blooming and some blackberries that are blooming too. We had a bad freeze late this year and will not have any cherries or apples. It will slow the blackberries down but we will have some.


Well 2006 was not our best year. We were attacked by the blister beetles and the tomatoes never got a chance. This next year we will have to spray an organic spray to kill them.

We Have been working at a fever pace to get tomatoes in the ground. We are doing some trail beds this year. We are trying Goliath, Springfield, Super Stake, Hillbilly and several others. Peppers are in the ground and so are the corn beans and cucumbers.    

I will try to get some pictures up over the next week or so!



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There is nothing more fun than picking these or hurts worse!


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Just starting to pick the small blackberries! I love growing these!

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We have Green beans and Green, Yellow and purple peppers

We are picking tomatoes but are selling them as fast as get to the house.

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Tomatoes everywhere! It is June 24 and looks like we should have some in about a week or 2!

MVC-050S.JPG (38248 bytes)

Cannas are coming right along!

MVC-061S.JPG (38809 bytes)

Apples are using a lot of water!

MVC-057S.JPG (38689 bytes)MVC-058S.JPG (38103 bytes)

Peppers have just starting to get weeded!

MVC-059S.JPG (38012 bytes)

Beets and Okra 

MVC-060S.JPG (38888 bytes)

Green beans looking well

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Tomato Cages being made. Boy it is hot out here!

MVC-386S.JPG (58081 bytes)MVC-387S.JPG (67321 bytes)

Blackberries and Raspberries Holding till their beds are ready. I am planting Chester, Arapaho and Lauren berries. We also have some great local Blackberries from the Tripkos (Hirning farm).


MVC-388S.JPG (60744 bytes)

Cannas are starting grow! 

MVC-608S.JPG (40376 bytes)

The tomatoes are started. Big boy and Better boy are planted here. We will get a large order of Mountain tomatoes later

MVC-609S.JPG (38018 bytes)MVC-610S.JPG (38430 bytes)

Jonathan, Gala, Yellow and red delicious apples are planted and staked

MVC-611S.JPG (39721 bytes)

Black raspberries are leafing out! These were writing up in the Organic garden magazine. These are my very own Bird drop variety! :-)

MVC-612S.JPG (38352 bytes)

Blackberries are looking good!

MVC-613S.JPG (38720 bytes)MVC-614S.JPG (40048 bytes)MVC-615S.JPG (40175 bytes)

These are the Kiowa variety. The super size berries

MVC-616S.JPG (38331 bytes)MVC-617S.JPG (38441 bytes)

These are thorn less Oreo variety. We got these from a friend in Indiana. 

Well here it is the 6th of April and we have the first tomatoes in the ground. We have been planting apple trees and Raspberries and blackberries are on the way. I have been hauling compost and manure to the gardens and we are about ready for spring planting





Well the frost has taken it's toll. All there is left is Pumpkins ($1,$2,$3)and Indian corn (10stalks for $2.50)

Email and let me know what you want for next year!

Green beans are ready!

Burpless cucumbers are ready! 2 for a $1.00

Tomatoes are Ready! $1.00 per LB

I have canner tomatoes too! Email!

Roma's $.50 per pound

Yellow Sweat Peppers are ready! 4 for $1.00


It is June 03 today and the tomatoes are golf ball size. The green beans are up and blooming and the cucumbers are climbing the fence. Peppers are starting to bloom and the cherries and getting ate up like they were sugar. We will have turnip greens before long. let me know if you want any! I hope to have some pictures in the next few days.


It is May 13 and we are having rain today but I have tomatoes blooming and Strawberries blooming . The blackberries and Raspberries are blooming but I do not expect a crop this year.

For Tomatoes we Planted Big Boy, Brandywine, Beefsteak, Mountain pride and Regina Sweets cherry.

For green beans We planted "Jade"


To contact us email at r@backyardproduce.com 

We are in Olathe, KS.

at Woodland and 10 hwy on the south west side. you can't miss the large gardens!

MVC-213S.JPG (38421 bytes)MVC-220S.JPG (38449 bytes)

Big bertha Green peppers and sweet banana peppers are getting a good start!

MVC-214S.JPG (38492 bytes)

Burpless cucumbers are starting to climb and bloom!

MVC-216S.JPG (39014 bytes)MVC-215S.JPG (38877 bytes)

Blackberries and Raspberries and growing well and the pumpkins and watermelons are starting off good!

MVC-217S.JPG (39493 bytes)MVC-218S.JPG (40600 bytes)

1st big bertha pepper! Oh was it good!

MVC-219S.JPG (38192 bytes)

Look at all the blooms!

MVC-221S.JPG (39201 bytes)MVC-222S.JPG (40501 bytes)MVC-212S.JPG (38585 bytes)

Roma tomatoes are loaded! We have regular tomatoes as big as softballs!

MVC-211S.JPG (38142 bytes)

Indian corn is looking a little weedy but coming on!

MVC-223S.JPG (36926 bytes)

Sweet Cherry tomatoes are doing well!

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