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I will post your items for sale and wanting to trade for free. I require a picture, price, and location (city, state) and phone number. Ads without these requirements will not be posted! I am not responsible for deals on this page. Buyer and seller beware. Email me here with what you have!

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For sale!

Very rare Picture phone $750.00

EMail me and I will forward your email


Large group of telephones and parts for sale! Mold for 2500's 500's 2554's and many more!

Click here!



 I have these 3 old phones for sale.  All have dial tone, but 202 model (round base) the dial turns but does not dial out.
The other 2 have ringers that work and dial works.
Would you be interested?  Asking 300. for all / plus shipping & insurance.
Bob (old telephone man from 60's)






New_Image3.JPG (123708 bytes)Box_Phone.jpg (45949 bytes)12-12-1_2.jpg (115224 bytes)

Early 1900s Stromberg Carlson Oak Mount Wall Phone.  All original.  No chips, cracks, or damage of any kind.  The internal components are intact, it works, and is in excellent condition.  I can email several pictures.  It is a beautiful phone.  $400.00.  Buyer pays shipping and insurance.
Jim MacAulay



New_Image.JPG (269150 bytes)New_Image2.JPG (235921 bytes)

I'm selling my collection, in all original condition with no reproduction parts on any item.  $3,000.  This includes:  1 wall phone (not in group picture), a candlestick with 3 ivory buttons, an intercom candlestick, railroad candlestick with dial and headset, Eiffel tower phone, a 15 button desk phone, English dial desk phone, Dutch tellfonsellskab phone with a box, cradle phone with box,  2 handsets, 2 headsets, handset cigarette lighter, 1954 desk box which is brand new in the original carton.  Will not piece out.  Call or email for information and additional pictures.  Powhatan, Virginia.


Philco radio/phonograph console. RCA Victor Victrola Model # 59AV1 from 1945 I believe.

Email me here




Wrenches.JPG (147983 bytes)


BRADY ,  INDIANA , 765-778-8283 , 


Saws.JPG (97159 bytes)


BRADY, INDIANA , 765-778-8283 , 



Email here! 

500,000 piece telephone collection for sale

Do you have a collection you want to sell? Let me know!

Jim (James) OConnor Direct telephone. 

Inventory for sale!



P1010008a.jpg (36322 bytes) 

P1010009a.jpg (37062 bytes)


I have two phones to sell. both in working order ,1 - 4/57, 1 - 12/37

price would be best offer. phone number is 914-662-3385 flushing, new York

any questions please call or e-mail at

thank you



NorthernElectricPhone.jpg (104830 bytes)

Click picture to enlarge!

Old Northern Electric Phone for sale.
 Original Wiring diagram included says patented in 1933.
 Missing crank from right side and lower cover from hand receiver.
 Sold in as is condition...I do not know if it still works or not, but it appears to be intact on the inside. 
Has 2 old batteries in it that I will not ship.
Asking $250.00 US / open to any offers. Shipping extra.
Peter in Kingston, Ontario Canada. (613) 539-3622
(Larger photos available on request.)



For sale!

Sbooth.jpg (33136 bytes)Sbooth2.jpg (37499 bytes)

Comments=Old telephone booth, appears to be birch. Metal inside, no phone, no seat. Wood doors with glass panels. Wired for electricity and some type of fan in ceiling. I have pictures if you are interested. $400


first name=Shari We are located in Central Wisconsin - Coloma.  715-228-5832

hello, I have a 1930s model switchboard, complete. im trying to sell. would you be interested or know of someone who is. thank you, john painter

offered 15k 1.5 yrs ago... take 10k or offer, it is complete...







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