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All items listed here are for sale as is where is no warrantees implied or expressed. We do not take checks of any kind. No items shown with out an appointment! Have cash before you get here as I will not show anything with out seeing the money first!  Ask if you need to use a CC.

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Craigslist items for sale.

Torches and welding tools for sale here

Other items for sale (non tool items)

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All other stuff for sale click here!

1st please click on the pictures to see the Items up close. 2nd  Email at  ! And ask questions. I live in north Olathe. Email your phone number and I will call.

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Wanted Lathe tools Chucks, Tool post holders, Tail stock centers, anything to help me tool up my lathe.


For sale From Craigslist!




New stuff not yet posted on craigslist


I have several cutting torches for sale, some with and with out bottles. I always use Welds supply on 9 hwy near Parkville MO. to fill my bottles.

 I have a webpage to help with bottles HERE!

I have full bottles of

Oxygen "K" Size

Acetylene #3 (150 cf)

C-25 "K"


Med bottles with some gas, Air Gas gauges and torch with welding tip NO CART $400.00

Medium bottles with some gas. NO CART Harris gauges with a Victor torch $400




Medium bottles ox 1300 psi Acet 200 PSI Genex gauges and a victor torch. with a cheap cart $450.00 SOLD

I have another with full bottles but no cart for $450.00


Large bottles OX 1000 psi Acet 125 psi (about half full) Harris gauges and a victor ST1800 torch $450.00 or full bottles for $500.00


Torch with bottles $300.00


Cut and weld $275.00


Weld only $225

Airco Torch tips $5-$20 each

Large set of bottles with a large set of Victor gauges and big victor torch $750.00

Purox HVAC set with cutting attachment, welding tip, bottles, carrying case, gauges and hose. $275

Complete victor torch set with 450 gauges and ST900FC torch. These large bottles are Full.

Price $575

I have a large used victor handle with cutting attachment tip for $550 with the above bottles and gauges.

I have a set of heavy duty gauges and a cutting torch. I believe these are 2 stage gauges. $100.00 cash What you see is what I have.

I have a large set of bottles, Victor cutting torch, Victor gauges, and hose older 315 hand torch $550.00 or new st2600 victor torch $575.00 cash




Southbend heavy 10" Lathe. I am looking for parts and tooling! This is not for sale. I need a parts lathe or Compound, Chucks, Tool post grinder and anything else you might have.








Tips $5.00 - $10.00 each



Carts are only sold with full sets.

Do you have one of these for sale please email me


Great set with full bottles $550


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Wanted the following

If you have any of the above for sale or trade Please drop me a line! Email here 



I want to buy a manual tire changer like this!

This is a Coats TireMan 3 Star Manual tire changer


I want to buy the metric gears for my south bend Heavy 10 Lathe.




I need a bit that will fit this!

I bought a woods 7500 backhoe but need the pump and tank kit!


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Wanted! BCS Tillers 800's series and 900's series Working or not!



If you know of one of these 20 quart ice cream freezers. Please let me know! I Want incomplete ones too!
Email Me!

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Any one know where I can buy these?

I am always looking to buy old telephones and parts. Telephone stuff is my passion but I do love the buy most anything old. I like




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