Wood Wall telephones for sale

On Most wood telephones we sell I refinish the wood in the summer time so I will have sets ready to complete when I need them. Pick out what you want and let me know if you want all old parts (higher in price) or a mix of old and new (little higher) or it does not matter to you and make it as low in cost as possible (the shown below). I will need to know if you want Polished brass, black or nickel plated (a little higher) parts or the phone.

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MVC-692S.jpg (18725 bytes)

Stromberg Carlson 2 box SOld

MVC-689S.jpg (10731 bytes)

American ELectric 

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Liech Electric $495


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Kellogg Wide boy $550. sold

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#2 Kellogg wide boy $525

MVC-694S.jpg (16044 bytes)

SA (L) And Am El (R) $550

MVC-695S.jpg (13796 bytes)

Stromberg Carlson $425

MVC-696S.jpg (11521 bytes)

Kellogg $325

MVC-697S.jpg (11789 bytes)

SC $350

MVC-700S.jpg (12755 bytes)MVC-698S.jpg (14595 bytes)


Kellogg's $425

MVC-701S.jpg (11786 bytes)

SC $425

MVC-702S.jpg (16434 bytes)

Kellogg $325

MVC-699S.jpg (11611 bytes)

SC $375

MVC-703S.jpg (11841 bytes)

Little Kellogg $290


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The basement and all out buildings are full!

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