Automatic Electric 1A type Monophone

This is one of AE first desk cradle sets. It was used with a subset for the network and ringer. These are the hardest telephones to find in good shape. The bakelite body and cradle are very fragile. But this is by far the sharpest most deco telephone ever made. I do not get the opportunity to have one of these for sale very often, but I do right now. This unit will come with cloth cords and will include a ringer. It will come ready to plug in the wall and use. This is a rare opportunity for you to own one of these gems. 

AE1a0.jpg (36680 bytes)AE1a1.jpg (36376 bytes)

Not all models will have this dial center.

AE1a11.jpg (36741 bytes)AE1a12.jpg (36292 bytes)

AE1a2.jpg (35883 bytes)

On some models this plate may be marked with different manufactures

AE1a3.jpg (35911 bytes)AE1a4.jpg (36488 bytes)AE1a5.jpg (36026 bytes)

AE1a6.jpg (36883 bytes)AE1a7.jpg (36821 bytes)

Handset may or may not be marked!

AE1a8.jpg (37572 bytes)AE1a9.jpg (36690 bytes)

AE1a13.jpg (36226 bytes)AE1a14.jpg (34795 bytes)AE1a15.jpg (36310 bytes)AE1a16.jpg (36108 bytes)

AE1a17.jpg (36229 bytes)

$595.00 with black or brass bands on the handset and dial


$695 with chrome trim as shown


$150 for original bakelite or metal subset. 

MVC-165S.JPG (21375 bytes)MVC-166S.JPG (37766 bytes)MVC-167S.JPG (37777 bytes)

This will come with brown cloth cord to the handset and black plastic to the wall. Add $20.00 for all cloth.

Or $40.00 for all black cloth cords

Please email if you want one! I have these in stock and ready to go!

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