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Mps.jpg (35781 bytes)Mps11.jpg (35791 bytes)

Just a hand full of old and new mouthpieces for old telephones

Mps10.jpg (37041 bytes)Mps3.jpg (35527 bytes)

This is a replacement made in the 50's - 80's. If you will notice the notches on the sides do not go in to the threads of the mouthpiece. These notches were used to clean out the threads of the face plate as you screwed the MP in and to help in allowing moisture to escape . Very good quality! Very slick surface!

Mps12.jpg (37339 bytes)Mps13.jpg (35435 bytes)Mps2.jpg (34704 bytes)

Notice that not all the holes go all the way through the MP. And usually there is a mold number on the under side. Many of these have sold on ebay as old! Very slick surface!
These are the type we sell as repo's!


Mps7.jpg (37156 bytes)Mps6.jpg (35751 bytes)

This is a old replacement made in the 40's & 50's Made of a cooked plastic and not a bakelite!
Notches go through the threads.

Mps8.jpg (36931 bytes)Mps4.jpg (34579 bytes)

Good Original Old Mouthpiece. Sometimes in the middle of the holes there will be a Letter (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, S Is that I have collected so far do you have one I don't? What to trade?) Or a Star (Western Electric) Notice the notches go through the threads. If you look very close the surface looks porous where repo's look slick.

Mps9.jpg (36674 bytes)Mps5.jpg (34822 bytes)

Now this is a Old Automatic Electric. This will have No notches but it does have a drain hole in the side of the cone. Very fine threads and again that porous look.



MPC1.jpg (95692 bytes)MPC2.jpg (70074 bytes)

Wow! A beautiful old red bakelite mouthpiece made for Automatic electric.

Emerald2.jpg (157250 bytes)Emerald.jpg (113643 bytes)untitled.jpg (15884 bytes)
Sapphire.jpg (108758 bytes)
Sapphire3.jpg (128955 bytes)Sapphire2.jpg (104248 bytes)
Red.jpg (109353 bytes)

Wine2.jpg (170917 bytes)
Wine3.jpg (126351 bytes)Wine4.jpg (151834 bytes)Wine.jpg (132553 bytes)

These mouthpieces are made by making a mold of the original mouthpiece and casting new ones. These are made in many colors and are not old. Thanks To Mr. Kotke for supplying these pictures and the information about these mouthpieces

MPC3.jpg (80521 bytes)MPC4.jpg (89512 bytes)

Wow! A beautiful old green with black speckles bakelite mouthpiece made for Automatic electric.

MPC5.jpg (79449 bytes)

Unusual old mouthpiece as it has no grill in the center! 

MPC6.jpg (86939 bytes)

This old mouthpiece went on the earliest old telephones. The threads are inside the mouthpiece. These sometimes had a grill made of bakelite or metal or no grill at all. these are reproduced and can identified by the plastic look and smooth surface.

MPC7.jpg (69651 bytes)MPC8.jpg (42160 bytes)

Old original advertising porcelain mouthpiece hard to copy! But are now being reproduced! 

MPC9.jpg (83365 bytes)

This little metal mouthpiece is used on Holtzer Cabot intercom's and on toy telephones. It is old! Small Green toy phones that are always missing the mouthpiece that this mouth

MPC10.jpg (93351 bytes)MPC11.jpg (80878 bytes)

Whoooh Baby! This is the cream of the collecting field! Glass mouthpieces! These are old and hard to find. Be aware they are reproduced and hard to tell!

MPC12.jpg (70651 bytes)

Old Metal Mouthpiece made by Dean. All steel. It is hard to tell in this picture but the grill inside is concave. Dean also made several telephones with this metal mouthpiece built in. Dean was defiantly different!

MPC13.jpg (46777 bytes)

I have only seen this mouthpiece on the Wonder phones but with a center like that it would be hard to copy.

MPC14.jpg (87132 bytes)

The mouthpiece above has a metal skeleton. The one on the left was made for Strowger (Automatic electric co. It has a "S" in the center on the back side). It too is a little larger than a normal mouthpiece. The one on the right was made for Kellogg. usually has no markings!


I want the thank Steve Schack for contributing pictures!


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