We sell used Tools and machinery. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line at . All large tools are FOB Olathe, KS or West plains, MO. Most tools that we have for sale will be listed here. We have a small shop and I have learned that I will never use all the tools and tooling that we have. I am always buying more trying to get something that I don't have and need.
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Quincy 350 Air compressor $1500


Barco Rammer Tamper $500.00 Works I use it!


2 ton punch press $350.00

South bend 10" K model $650.00 Sold

Foley Belsaw grinding wheels 

$8.50 each or 5 for $8.00 10 for $7.00


MVC-512S.JPG (35025 bytes)MVC-513S.JPG (18839 bytes)MVC-514S.JPG (13726 bytes)

1. #9R764713E  8X1/4X1/2     A6000BJ2    #1403   4535 RPM

MVC-515S.JPG (42275 bytes)MVC-516S.JPG (35062 bytes)MVC-517S.JPG (14177 bytes)

3.#1403   8X1/4X1/2  A54JB5SW 5968 RPM

MVC-501S.JPG (38993 bytes)MVC-502S.JPG (38375 bytes)MVC-503S.JPG (14647 bytes)

4. #1400 8R709864A 8X1/16X1/2  A69R6BJ2 5780 RPM

MVC-497S.JPG (40915 bytes)MVC-498S.JPG (40011 bytes)MVC-499S.JPG (22153 bytes)MVC-500S.JPG (13472 bytes)

6. #66053-2 A46-M7-BB3 8X1/4X5/8 RES. 4060 RPM

7. PT #1404 763577D  A-60-M6-BA2 8X3/8X1/2   4535 RPM


MVC-532S.JPG (37636 bytes)

8. Carborumdum A60

MVC-533S.JPG (38686 bytes)

9. 8X1/4X5/8 Hard gray stone/ Only markings are 150 NS

MVC-535S.JPG (37616 bytes)MVC-536S.JPG (38429 bytes)

10. #59437-2  8X1/4X5/8  A46-M7-BB3

MVC-537S.JPG (38241 bytes)

11. Pacific 80067-1 A48-M7-882  8X1/8X5/8



We have a Metco Powder coater for sale.
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metco1.jpg (32850 bytes)
snow.jpg (28151 bytes)
End Mills: We have all different sizes and styles. These are regrinds and there is allot tool left to use. Most were use once and sharpened. Many name brands. We bought these for our shop but we will never use all these unless every shop in our area goes out of business. If you need one or 2000 we can do some Business. Prices are:

1/2" to 1" $1.00
1" to 1 1/2" $3.00
1 1/2" to 2" $5.00

endmills.jpg (27971 bytes)
Order Here!

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Old wood Stanley rule $20.00 PS



DSC00030.JPG (34237 bytes)DSC00032.JPG (35563 bytes)

Southbend heavy 10" Lathe. I am looking for parts and tooling!


Stanleyrule.jpg (32946 bytes)Stanleyrule1.jpg (35080 bytes)
Little Stanley Ruler
$26.00 PS
We need any AXA tool holders for quick change tool posts. 

PS= Plus Shipping
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