Old Telephone Magnetos and what you need to know about them!

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Old telephone magnetos, generator or Mags are one of the most fun little gadgets of the 20th century. As most found life starting as a means of signaling the operator or signaling another party that you wanted to make a call. In later years as the crank telephone was being replaced with modern dial telephones these old phones were being thrown away and resourceful people tried to find ways to unutilized the parts in other ways. One of the most famous ways is to shock or stun fish. This was done by attaching 2 wires to the Mag and dangling the wires off both sides of the boat while the Mag was being cranked. This would not kill the fish but temporary stun them. Sometimes the fish would wake right up as soon as you quite cranking the Mag. As the fish were stunned they would float to the top of the water and someone could count or even scoop up the fish. Now in some parts of the USA this is Illegal and in others it is legal. Please check with your local wildlife officer to be sure before your start. I sell Magnetos for replacement in old telephones and for science projects. What you do with them is up to you! here is an interesting webpage about using a mag. http://www.ehow.com/how_2312278_make-fish-shocker.html

Old telephone Magnetos produce AC electricity by passing a wound coil past a positive and negative charged fields. This produces a charge at the core of the armature or coil. A old telephone magneto produces from 6 to 110 volts. the older Mags put out about 80 . The Western Electric 5 bar Mag can put out close to 100  and up to 120  if it is cranked very fast. It is possible to lightly light a light bulb with a magneto. The later model small magnetos were engineered to be small and put out more juice. These will put out as much or more than the big 5 bar Mags. Although the Western Electric 5 bar Mag is the hottest. 

Please do not email asking how to shock fish or how to rig up your mag. It is illegal to do that here. All Mags are tested before they leave here and are hot. Do not take your Mag apart to see how it works. We do not take Mags back or accept any returns on Mags.

Have any questions please call 9one3-4two4-88four8

Here is a article about fishing with a magneto

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A load of Mags that just came in!


Magnetos for Sale!


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Late model crank telephone magneto. These put out a lot of juice for such a small Mag. Great for replacing your missing telephone magneto or for those other projects that require a hand crank generator. These will generate about 80 - 120 volts at AC current. These are $150.00 if you need a crank too email me and I will add it to your bill Magneto's may differ slightly from those pictured.

These are one of hottest magnetos made.

One mag no crank click this link.
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The same Mag above With a crank! $165.00 
Can not be ordered separately!

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Special 5 mags with cranks $140.00 each and free shipping

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Super Special deal 10 mags with crank and free shipping $125.00 each

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The same Mag above With a crank! $165.00 $125.00 Plus $16.00 shipping

SPECIAL $125.00 Plus shipping Limited time only!!

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I have several different types of Mags. The last ones built put out the most AC current for their size. These are the smaller Mags shown in the pictures above as compared to a larger, older 5 bar Mag. Because these are in the biggest demand they are getting harder to find. Also these are no longer made so what I can find will be all I can get. These will generate about 80 - 120 volts at AC current. These are $120.00 if you need a crank too email me and I will add it to your bill. Magneto's may differ slightly from those pictured! These Cost $120.00 each and $15.00 extra for a crank

 For one of these smaller Mags order here!    

Out at this time!


Crank and Mag Order here! 


On the Mags below order crank at the bottom of the page!

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3 bar no name Mags $100.00

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!


3 bar Name brand Mags $120.00

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!


Sold out of small 3 bar Mags


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4 bar no name Mags $100.00

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!


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4 bar brand name nice $125.00

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!



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5 bar $130.00 -$150.00 

1. Rusty but working $130.00 

20-50 volts AC

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!


2. 5 bar  not as rusty and working $150.00

50-70 volts AC

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!


3. Nice Working some may have brand name on Mag tag. $160.00

Please order your crank at bottom of the page!



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Magneto5WE3.jpg (12400 bytes)Magneto5WE5.jpg (12856 bytes)

This is the hottest, strongest, most electro-biting magneto that I know of. The first time you get zapped by this bad boys you will not want to do it again! It hurts! This does not come with the back bracket as shown. 30-100 volts This Mags comes in Black, gray (shown) and red. Not all Mags will be this clean. Please order your crank below!

I have some of those that are not as strong for 1/2 price. You may be able to tinker with them and get them hotter. Email for these here!

I have two at this time!

 $240.00 for the old big Western Electric 5 bar Mags plus $20.00 shipping.

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 $260.00 plus $20.00 shipping for Mag and crank!


I have two at this time!


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If you have one all ready setup send the photo to me and I will post it here!

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New S Curved Crank $20.00 Order

Type of crank

If No Picture appears!--- Right the box and left click show picture!If No Picture appears!--- Right the box and left click show picture!

Old straight black crank 

$35.00 Order  

Type of crank


Old S-curved black and brass Cranks

 $39.00 Order


Type of crank

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Thousands of Worm Harvesters are giving good results in gathering Worms. There is no particular ability required to use the Angle Worm Harvester, but there are conditions that are more favorable.  There are different kinds of Angle Worms and they live in different kinds of Soil. Nearly all Soils contain Earth Worms, so we suggest experimenting to learn what method gives the best results.

 Worms are near the surface in early morning, late evening or at night, but not during the heat of the day. The Soil should be well soaked with Water and then allowed to drain for an hour or two.  The Earth Worn eats its way through the soil making a hole or burrow that is from one to three feet deep. There are places where they widen the burrow so that they may curl up and lay dormant or reverse the direction of the crawl.  They do not have any eyes or ears but are sensitive to light and vibration. While Worms can pull themselves back into their holes, their normal movement is to go forward and a Worm that has started into a hole headfirst must go to the chamber at the end of the hole to turn around or eat another hole in the direction it wishes to go.  They come to the surface at nighttime and feed on grass, clover or other plant life that they drag into their holes, or they- eat the vegetation and start a new hole.

 The Worm caste or little -pile of soil left by a Worm is the result of its FOUR RODS give better results than Two Rods. They should be driven 1/2 to three feet in the ground in a rectangle of about 5 feet x 2 feet and One Wire connected to two Rods. KEEP THE GENERATOR DRY BY MOUNTING IT ON A BOARD OR A BOX.

 The Rod can be any piece of Metal preferably about ľ inch square or -1/4 inch in diameter if round. One Rod can be used to make holes in the ground and smaller shorter wires then be pushed into the holes,  The operation of the Harvester is- not dangerous in any way. Should an Operator place a hand over the Generator- terminals, a shock will be felt but since it is hand operated the action will stop immediately.  All of these things can be done, but because the Worms live in the ground where we canít see- them, we can only tell by trial how to get the best results As Worms do not have eyes but are sensitive to light a dim flashlight is preferred when gathering them.


 The electrical current produced by the Harvester will bring the Worms to the surface. If the current is strong enough it will stun the Worms who will recover without harm. If the current is too strong it will injure the Worms and white spots will show on the skins. Such Worms may live up to 24 hours but will die, or the Worms may remain in the ground and die.

 NIGHT CRAWLERS that come out at nighttime may be captured by laying the Rods on the wet grass and cranking fairly fast. This stuns the Night Crawlers so they canít withdraw back into their holes and they can be gathered easily.

 In Wet Soil such us a lawn that has been sprinkled, electric current will travel a long distance with very little loss. For harvesting Worms we recommend setting the Rods about 5 to 10 feet apart The More Rods that are used, the more effective the procedure. One set of Rods should be driven into the ground about two feet. The opposite rods should start at six inches and be driven deeper depending on results.

 After it has been determined that there are Worms in the ground and the amount of moisture and current that brings them to the surface, the area to be worked on may be increased many times larger than that suggested for experimenting.

 The advantage of the Worm Harvester is that the amount of current can be controlled by the speed with which the crank is turned. IT REQUIRES SOME PRACTICE TO LEARN ABOUT WHAT AMOUNT OF CURRENT TO USE.

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How to fix your Mag

  Questions and answers

Q.   It doesn't work. I don't know the name brand, but it has a logo on it that looks like a T, W, M, and C all stamped on top of one another. It doesn't put out any voltage that I can tell. A/C or D/C. What can I do to possibly make it work? Thanks for your time on this, Michael T

A.    First lets check and see if the magneto armature is open (Has a broken wire). First turn it upside down and find the 2 points on the armature where the hair thin wire is soldered on. take a OHM meter and check it for resistance. if there is none you have a broken wire. It will need to be rewound. if there is resistance, then check the stud that sticks through the case and makes contact with the tab on the outside of the Mag. Take the ohm meter with one lead against the stud and the other on the tab. If it shows it to be open clean the stud and the tab with sand paper or emery paper. Make sure while you are checking this that you check the stud against the case. it SHOULD be open or no resistance. If there is resistance you will need to take the Mag apart and give it a good cleaning with Acholal or electronics cleaner. Only Oil the Mag with dielectric oil. This is a non conductive oil. This will keep your Mag from shorting out. Telephone magnetos only put out AC current.

Thank you!     Well, turns out your input was very helpful, thanks! The ohms checked out. So further examination revealed that the contact that carries power from the armature to the terminal was gone! I made a new one, and this baby is putting out 100 volts!!!!!! Wow!! thanks again! Michael T


Thank you for all the great info!!!!!!! We purchase some Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray that said it was high strength dielectric....will that work???? If not will you please tell me the brand name and where you can purchase a non conductive dielectric oil to lubricate our Mag as mentioned in your article. Thank you in advance for all your help!


I have never used it but if it is dielectric it should work. I always take the Mag apart and clean them with electronics cleaner (bought a bunch on sale) and wipe all bearing surfaces down with a rag. Then oil them with dielectric oil I salvage out of submersible water pumps. LPS All Purpose Lube, TKX, Trigger Spray, 20 oz is dielectric too





































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