Pay Telephones

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A early 5 Cent Pay telephone. I found this early model in an antique shop where it had hung for 20 years. The shop owner said I was the second person to ever ask about the telephone.
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The Gray telephone pay station manufacture Co. This model is a 23D. This type of pay telephone was use in many rural areas. I use one like this to keep my change in.
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The original diagram was still inside.

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A new telephone for me! This Gray pay station is very unusual in the fact that it is self contained.
anyone having information on this telephone please drop me a line. So far I have found out the it is a Gary Model 24 Nick name the Wannamaker model Because the Wannamaker Dept stores in Philadelphia  used many of these phones. Here is the original picture from the Gray catalog.

If you have any Questions about our collection or you want a better look at one of the telephones. Please feel free to E-mail me . I have had several requests to appraise your old telephones. I  would be glad to do so. If you have a telephone you want appraised email me a photo and I will do my best. If you have one for sale I always want to spend my money. I will also trade telephones that I have refurbished.

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