Old telephone signs and other advertising

Items in the collection are not for sale. This does not keep you from making an offer. but do not expect a yes answer.

Bellsystemglobe.jpg (10025 bytes)
Bell System Lamp globe. May have been over a indoor telephone booth. I love these if you have one you want to sell please email me oldtelephone@gmail.com
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Early telephone sign
lamp_shade.jpg (5105 bytes)
This old globe once hung in my bathroom.
I enjoyed it everyday.
Usethebell11.jpg (29478 bytes)
Very unusual sign in a 11"X11"
united.jpg (32238 bytes)
Early United telephone sign. United now Sprint was once from The Brown telephone co. from Abilene Ks.
CanPTsign.jpg (28500 bytes)
Old public telephone sign
rwbsign.jpg (27814 bytes)
This sign was used by Independent telephone companies. Let me know if you want to sell one!
More to come!
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These come in Red, Green and blue

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